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Do you want a business speaker to address your conference, convention or business meeting? Do you want a keynote speech, workshop, seminar or executive briefing? Do you want a business speaker with real world experience, whole world perspective and most importantly one who can relate to your people and your business?

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Are you ready for a real business speaker?


A business speaker who will do more than quote Nietzsche. Are you tired of those speakers that offer the false hope of "All you have to do is dream it and it will happen." There is no question that you should have bold dreams, plans and visiions - but that is not enough. You need action plans and most importantly action to succeed. A real business speaker should offer you motivation along with business strategies and techniques.



Not only did you entertain them - you inspired them to action. And you showed them simple and effective things they can do to improve their business bottom line.
Sid Kenmir, Executive Director
ACCRO Services

Business needs action - not platitudes.


Do you want an entertaining speaker who understands business?


Who said that a business speaker must be boring? A professional business speaker should do more than show you a series of PowerPoint slides. Who declared that "Business Presentation = PowerPoint presentation"? Remember that business is about people and people need to be entertained, engaged and enthused.



My sales brokers were not only presented with excellent, usable material that they can apply in their daily work, but they were also thoroughly entertained - what a rare combination.
Dan Lawrie, President & C.E.O
Dan Lawrie Insurance





Is it time to hear a speaker with real business insights and practical tips?


Are you fed up with the authors, professors and self professed consultants who speak about their theories but have little real business experience of their own? Are you tired of the flavor of the month? Are you annoyed by the speakers who offer you a presentation that sounds as flaky as the latest game show? Tell them, "You're fired!"




This is the second time that I hired you to speak to our people. That speaks to my high confidence in you, your style and your message. That also speaks to my satisfaction. I would hire you again - because I know I can count on your results. You have a fantastic way of simplifying complex ideas, clarifying practical techniques and exciting cautious people.
John Porter
Tradebank Inc.



business speaker

Business Insight from George Torok


Business is about numbers and people. Numbers is how you measure your business. People is how you build your business.

Business Speaker, George Torok



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Business Experience


George Torok is a business speaker who has worked 20 years in corporate management. He knows the pain of bad times and the joy of better times as an employee, manager and team member. He has hired, fired and been subjected to both. His industry experience runs from fast-paced automotive manufacturing to job-shop, from hi-tech to the unpredictable hospitality industry.


George Torok has negotiated and managed multi-million dollar contracts. He has severed as corporate spokesperson. (Contact him to learn how he can help you as your corporate spokesperson.) He has worked in sales, marketing and operations. George Torok is a professional speaker who can talk about business because he has been there - and he still is.


George Torok has worked in several different industries in several different roles. He brings that perspective mix to his business presentations. He understands how business cultures can vary. He also understands common issues that people in business face.


  • Would it help to hear a speaker who has experienced the pain and joy of business?
  • Are you ready for a speaker with real business perspective to speak to your people?
  • Do you want a speaker that will challenge your business and your people to strive for new levels?


Then George Torok is the business speaker for you.




Business Author


George Torok is co-author of the national bestseller, Secrets of Power Marketing. It is the first Canadian guide to personal marketing for the non-marketer. This book is now published in at least seven countries. It is a practical guide for small, medium and large business to grow the business. Secrets of Power Marketing reached number two on the "Books for Business" bestseller list. Torok's co-author, Peter Urs Bender, is known as Canada's Business Presentation guru.




business book support from McDonals senior chairman Next to a lifetime of experience this is one of the most practical marketing books I have seen. I know you wrote this book for small business - but big business could learn a lot from it too.
George Cohon
Senior Chairman of McDonalds Canada and McDonalds Russia
Author of To Russia with Fries




business book review in national business paper, Globe & Mail .. aimed at entrepreneurs, essentially a 245 page list of practical tips on how to accomplish that visibility and presence. It's hard not to pick up lots of usable advice from the book.
Globe & Mail

George Torok has contributed to at least eight other books. Learn more about the books in which George Torok is published.

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Business Insight from George Torok


Talent runs hot and cold. Don’t rely on talent. Follow systems.

Business Speaker, George Torok



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Business in Motion


George Torok is a business speaker who is constantly researching the business market. As host of the weekly radio show, Business in Motion, he has interviewed over 400 business leaders. That includes entreprenuers, corporate executives and business authors. From them he has gained business insights, stories and ideas.


Business in motion radio show

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Business Media Expert


George Torok is often quoted in the business media as an expert on marketing and communication skills. Recently, he was featured on the cover of Enterprise Magazine, the magazine for small and medium sized business. George Torok has been writing for Enterprise magazine for close to a decade. He was featured on the cover of the aniversary issue.



Enterprise magazine features Canadian business speaker



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Read "Business in Motion" blog

The "Business in Motion" Blog is an extension of the Business in Motion radio show. The BIM blog features additional business insights, interviews and commentary from business speaker and radio show host, George Torok.

Business in Motion blog



Motivational Business Speaker - view the video




Read Twitter Feed from Marketing Zoo. George Torok is the Zoo Keeper.



Business Speaker

Business speaker for your convention, conference and business meeting - George Torok, bestselling author, radio show host & business speaker.



Business speaker, George Torok


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CPSA presents over 150 events across the county in a year and you are the most professional speaker I've ever had the pleasure of working with.
Anne Babej
Director, Professional Development
CPSA Sales Institute


Business speaker for your convention, conference and business meeting - George Torok, bestselling author, radio show host & business speaker.

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Business Speaker, George Torok

George Torok is a:

Business Speaker

Business Author

Business Writer

Business Coach

Radio Show Host


Canadian business speaker George Torok



To be able to keep the attention of 150 real estate sales representatives and managers for over 90 minutes, you have to be knowledgeable and you have to be convincing! George, you were that and more. Our people got your message that marketing one's self is a continuous and multi dimensional effort.

Duncan McLeod
Area Manager
Royal Lepage


Secrets of Power Marketing, bestselling book by George Torok