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Canadian Business author and motivational business speaker, George Torok, has written and published over 400 business articles which are published around the world. Enjoy the sampling below. Contact us if you want to use some of his articles in your business publications. Call us when you want a real business speaker for your conference, convention or sales meeting.

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  • Profitable Relationships
    How to build stronger Relationships for building a more profitable business
  • Secrets from David Copperfield
    Secrets of David Copperfield that you can use in your business. I went behind the scenes in Las Vegas to assist David Copperfield. I learned some suprising lessons about business from the magic act.
  • Systems for Success
    Business article - Systems for Success in your business. Good systems is the key to success in your business.
  • Trust
    Who Trusts You? How important to you is trust in your business relationships? If it is important then are you consciously aware of: What you do to build trust? What you do to destroy trust?
  • Cool Hand Luke
    Every entrepreneur should watch this movie at least three times. I watched Cool Hand Luke on TV the other night. It is an old movie (1967) staring Paul Newman in the lead role along with George Kennedy. There is an assortment of other actors who I recognized more by their voices than their very young faces - including Wayne Rogers from the MASH TV series, and Dennis Hopper.
  • 50 ways to leave your customer
    There must be 50 ways to leave your customer Do you love your customers? Do they know it? And more importantly do they love you? If you love your business than you'd better love your customers. They are the ones who allow you to do what you love. Without them it is just a money-losing hobby.
  • Keeping your business alive
    Keeping your business alive. There's more to keeping your business alive that simply surviving. It's about growing your business. That's alive!
  • Bill Gate's Secret Weapon
    Bill Gate's secret weapon, stop to think - business article by George Torok
  • Shoestring Marketing:
    Shoestring Marketing: Where to Save and Where Not
  • Creating, Recognizing & Measuring Value
    Don't confuse value with cost. In fact, a product's value is almost never equal to its cost. For example, your product might cost you $2 and you sell it for $10. The value to you is $10. The value to the customer will usually be more than the selling price. If it was only worth $10 to the customer then they have no motivation to buy. But if the value to them is greater than the selling price, they are motivated to trade their money for something of greater value. It may be worth $25 to the customer.
  • Don't Ignore the Nudges
    All problems are not equal. Some will bite you. Some just nudge you. Those nudges are worthy of more attention. There are two types of problems, acute and chronic, with two distinct warnings signs and different methods of solving them. You need to be aware of both and how to deal with them. You may already know about the first type. But knowing how to identify and solve the second type will provide greater benefit for you and your organization. The acute problem is most common. You don't need to go looking for it. It usually rears up and bites you on the rear. The acute problem appears suddenly, gets lots of attention and demands immediate action. Two classic examples are a warehouse fire or an angry customer.
  • Get the biggest bang for training
    How to get the best return on your training investment.
  • Business Lessons from Las Vegas
    Business Lessons from Las Vegas If you haven’t been to Las Vegas recently – you must go. When you visit take good notes. Las Vegas is an inspiring business model. Las Vegas is a place to learn how to run your business. Las Vegas might be called the sin city. But the real lessons of Vegas are not about gambling – it’s about how to run a successful business
  • What a difference a decade makes to markeitng
    Imagine that you could continue to market successfully the same way for ten years. Do you like that thought? Well delete that daydream because it just isn’t so. Welcome to marketing 2008. It’s more threatening, more promising and more exciting. Buckle your seatbelt, take your motion sickness pill and be prepared to be amazing. Because that is what you need to compete today. Oringianlly published in the 10th aniversary edition of Enterprise magazine
  • Mastermind Group Mistakes
    I was recently invited to become part of a mastermind group. It is a flattering invitation. It was not my first time but this was the quickest disaster. One meeting and it burst into pieces. There are several lessons in that disaster that you can learn from when forming your own mastermind group. We should learn from our own pain and especially from the pain of others. No need for you to repeat my pain.
  • Marketing Advantage
    Marketing Advantage: Small Business Small business has powerful advantages over big business when it comes to marketing. But small business often misses using these advantages because they are seduced into emulating the big corporations. The typical approach to marketing by big business is to use the resource they have most of - money. Those big corporations tend to throw large dollars at expensive advertising campaigns.
  • Secrets of Power Marketing
    Secrets of Power Marketing: Promote Brand You Your Guide to Personal Marketing "If you build a better mouse trap - the world will beat a path to your door." Do you still believe that old expression? Let's try another one. "Go to school; get a good job; and the company will look after you." The first statement is from Emerson - the second you might have heard from your parents. Both are no longer true. Please don't blame your parents or Emerson for their dated wisdom. Things change.
  • Kill Your Restaurant Business Fast: Four Eulogies
    Why do restaurants fail? It's usually not the food. Here are four restaurant failures that I witnessed recently in our neighborhood.
  • George Foreman Motivational Speaker
    Motivational speaker George Foreman
  • Movies for entrepreneurs
    Movies for entrepreneurs
  • Leaders Invent Themselves
    Leadership leaders
  • Marketing Sense: What Do Your Best Customers Smell Like?
    A profitable marketer needs to know how to find more best customers. You need to know where to look and what they smell like.


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Business Lessons from Las Vegas
What a difference a decade makes to markeitng
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Business speaker for your convention, conference and business meeting - George Torok, bestselling author, radio show host & business speaker.

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To be able to keep the attention of 150 real estate sales representatives and managers for over 90 minutes, you have to be knowledgeable and you have to be convincing! George, you were that and more. Our people got your message that marketing one's self is a continuous and multi dimensional effort.

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