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Business Interviews with George Torok


George Torok is an expert interviewer:

As host of the weekly radio show, Business in Motion, George Torok has interviewed over 500 business leaders. in addition he has interviewed dozens of business leaders for the articles he has written. He simplifies the lessons from those interviews in his presentations, articles and consulting.

Listen to and read what George Torok says and you are learning from the hundreds of business leaders he has studied. 


George Torok is a frequent interview guest expert

George Torok is often interviewed and quoted by the media as a business expert. Enjoy these media interviews of George Torok as the guest expert.


George Torok on Entreprenuers

Watch this seven-minute video interview with George Torok. He is asked some probing questions about his experience as the host of the radio show Business in Motion - and more importantly - the lessons he learned from his business guests. The off-camera interviewer is John Robert Colombo.


George Torok on Branding

George Torok was interviewed by Erika Taylor, host of PR 101 Radio - the radio show that offers Marketing Advice for Small Business. The topic was branding - and George Torok pointed out the dark side of branding and what small and medium business owners should focus on instead of branding. Click any one of the links below to get started listening to this 45 minute interview.

Listen to the interview with George Torok on PR 101 radio

Segment One of the interview with George Torok on PR 101 radio

Segment Two of the inteview with George Torok on PR 101 radio

Segment Three of the interview with the George Torok on PR 101 radio



Secrets of Power Marketing

George Torok was the guest expert of Stephen Bell, host of Unscripted Radio, the internet radio arm of the International Non Fiction Writers Association.



George Torok is a man as passionate about running a marathon as helping you run your business and life well.

I had the pleasure of interviewing George during authors unscripted at and I was impressed with his knowledge and how great of a speaker he is. If you want to take affirmations and the power you possess in your business to the next level George Torok is the man you need to listen to.
Stephen Bell
The Networking



The topic was the bestselling book, Secrets of Power Marketing and how entrepreneurs can market themselves more effectively in these challenging times. Clck to listen.

Enjoy this 60 minute interview in which George Torok discussed: 


  • How he was influenced by his mentor and co-author Peter Urs Bender
  • Why more business owners need to realign their marketing strategy to sell to the greedy not the needy. 
  • The best form of marketing and how to get more from it
  • The most common and costly mistake in advertising
  • The three criteria by which to measure all your marketing
  • The cost – value conflict and why entrepreneurs get fooled by it
  • Marketing in the recession – mistakes and tips 
  • What small business can do instead of branding and why
  • And more…

Here is another unusual perspective that George Torok offered in this interview. 


Why do we think that we only need to provide a better mouse trap? What did the Second World War do to taint the self marketing beliefs of baby boomers? What parenting mistakes they made in teaching their offspring about self marketing? Once you understand the reason for the mistakes you can break the curse.


Click below to listen to this engaging and insightful interview with George Torok on Authors Unscripted Radio. (The sound quality is not so good but the interview is fabulous.) 


Click above to play or click this link below.



Business Interviews with George Torok

Business speaker for your convention, conference and business meeting - George Torok, bestselling author, radio show host & business speaker.



Business speaker, George Torok


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CPSA presents over 150 events across the county in a year and you are the most professional speaker I've ever had the pleasure of working with.
Anne Babej
Director, Professional Development
CPSA Sales Institute


Business speaker for your convention, conference and business meeting - George Torok, bestselling author, radio show host & business speaker.

Call 905-335-1997 

Business Speaker, George Torok

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Canadian business speaker George Torok



To be able to keep the attention of 150 real estate sales representatives and managers for over 90 minutes, you have to be knowledgeable and you have to be convincing! George, you were that and more. Our people got your message that marketing one's self is a continuous and multi dimensional effort.

Duncan McLeod
Area Manager
Royal Lepage


Secrets of Power Marketing, bestselling book by George Torok