Motivational Canadian Business Speaker, George Torok

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Business Speaker - George Torok


Business speaker, George Torok in action.

Enjoy these videos of George Torok your business speaker.


Marketing Speaker: People Don't Buy What They Need

Business speaker at International marketing conference exposing one of the big myths about marketing. People don't buy what they need.


Project the Perception of Success

How do you demonstrate that you are successful to your prospects - and why is that important to your business?


The Power of Perception as demostrated by Coke

Coke has been a dominant brand in their market for over 100 years. How do they do it and how can you use the same principles to your advantage?


This Goofy Guy is me - be real

Notice how George Torok interacts with the group to answer questions. And yes he appears a little goofy.



The Power of a Thank You

Simple stuff works in building relationships - simple stuff like saying thank you. Enjoy this example.



Build Powerful Relationships

George Torok offering his street level marketing advice.



Hungry for Business

George Torok on the streets of Toronto with practical business advice.





Motivational business speaker, George Torok in action.

Business Speaker - George Torok

Business speaker for your convention, conference and business meeting - George Torok, bestselling author, radio show host & business speaker.



Business speaker, George Torok


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CPSA presents over 150 events across the county in a year and you are the most professional speaker I've ever had the pleasure of working with.
Anne Babej
Director, Professional Development
CPSA Sales Institute


Business speaker for your convention, conference and business meeting - George Torok, bestselling author, radio show host & business speaker.

Call 905-335-1997 

Business Speaker, George Torok

George Torok is a:

Business Speaker

Business Author

Business Writer

Business Coach

Radio Show Host


Canadian business speaker George Torok



To be able to keep the attention of 150 real estate sales representatives and managers for over 90 minutes, you have to be knowledgeable and you have to be convincing! George, you were that and more. Our people got your message that marketing one's self is a continuous and multi dimensional effort.

Duncan McLeod
Area Manager
Royal Lepage


Secrets of Power Marketing, bestselling book by George Torok