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  • Library of business articles: George Torok is a prolific writer and has written on many topics.You will notice that true to his speaking, training and consulting expertise that the vast number of articles is on marketing and presentations. A sampling of his articles is included here for your pleasure, information and free resource.
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  • Business in Motion - weekly radio show with host - George Torok.
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  • Business in Motion is the weekly radio show with host George Torok. He interviews business leaders from small and large business. This blog is an extension of the business insights, perspectives and secrets to success. Topics include entrepreneurship, leadership, success, management, innovation...
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  • Canadian motivational business speaker for your association conference or convention. A Canadian motivational business speaker for your corporate meetings and special events. Inspirational keynote speaker & bestselling author, George Torok, delivers practical business insights in an engaging and motivational style.
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  • Ezine Articles - Author profile for George Torok George Torok has written and published over 350 articles in print and online publications around the world. His words and material has been quoted in at least 12 other books.
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  • Videos of your business speaker, George Torok. Visit the George Torok YouTube channel to see George Torok videos
  • Convention Speaker. Keynote speaker, bestselling author, radio show host. The ideal business speaker for your association convention or corporate conference in Las Vegas.
  • Get short, timely messages from George Torok
  • Scott Greenberg is an expert motivational speaker for corporate professionals, college students, educators and teens.
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  • Canadian Business speaker for corporate meetings, association conferences, business seminars. George Torok is a TEC Canada speaker and trusted associate
  • Toronto business speaker for Toronto conventions and conferences. Bestselling author, business radio show host - George Torok. He worked on Bay Street - Toronto's Financial centre - for a decade.
  • Convention Speaker Keynote speaker, bestselling author, radio show host. The ideal business speaker for your association convention or corporate conference in Toronto.
  • Protect your conference and your training investment. Leverage your meeting for maximum success! Harness the 'Toronto Success' to work for your next event! Engage a Toronto Area Speaker today!

Business speaker for your convention, conference and business meeting - George Torok, bestselling author, radio show host & business speaker.



Business speaker, George Torok


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CPSA presents over 150 events across the county in a year and you are the most professional speaker I've ever had the pleasure of working with.
Anne Babej
Director, Professional Development
CPSA Sales Institute


Business speaker for your convention, conference and business meeting - George Torok, bestselling author, radio show host & business speaker.

Call 905-335-1997 

Business Speaker, George Torok

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Canadian business speaker George Torok



To be able to keep the attention of 150 real estate sales representatives and managers for over 90 minutes, you have to be knowledgeable and you have to be convincing! George, you were that and more. Our people got your message that marketing one's self is a continuous and multi dimensional effort.

Duncan McLeod
Area Manager
Royal Lepage


Secrets of Power Marketing, bestselling book by George Torok